From the moment I met you, I held you in my arms. Cradled your body next to mine. I breathed in your scent. I felt your breath on my skin. I snuggled in your warmth. I admired your innocence. My heart burst and my eyes overflowed with tears of love. I have never known a love so strong, so pure, so lasting. The love of my children. There is no love like it.

As you have grown I have watched you explore the world around you. Through touch, sight, smell and experience. I have admired your persistence. Your desire to learn more. Your desire to perfect your skills. When you have fallen, I have picked you up. I have encouraged you. I have helped you to figure things out.

Lately, I have bit my lip and let you figure it out on your own. Let you explore. Let you experience. Let you make mistakes. And succeed by your own will. I have tried to instill in you kindness and unconditional love, by leading by example. I am proud of the person you are, and the person you are becoming. I am proud of your kind soul and strong work ethic. These skills will serve you well.

Now you are off to school; on your own. Charting your own course, with the skills I have taught you. But know, I will always be with you. A voice in your head. Encouraging you. Cheering you on. Guiding you. And whenever you need me, I will be here. Here to hold you. To listen to you. To love you. No matter where you go, or what you do. I will be here for you. Always. Forever. My child.



Jen Mendieta

Jen Mendieta is an Alberta based blogger who believes that life is about enjoying the adventures that life throws at us.  She shares her writing about her typical family and their experiences and adventures on her Blog, “Yaza Adventures”. You can connect with Jen through her website or her facebook page at