Dear Someday Baby,

Sometimes it feels as if I’ll never get to meet you. You see, we’ve been trying for you, for quite a while now

Sometimes I daydream about you. I see your wavy hair, your cute little nose, your beautiful face, and I hear your laughter. 

But I only see you in my dreams. 

Sometimes I imagine holding you in my arms, rocking you, singing to you. I long so badly to hear your cries and to watch you sleep. 

But I only see you in my dreams. 

Some mornings I wake up reaching for you, but suddenly I’m reminded by the tear in my eye, that you’re not here yet. 

Because I only see you in my dreams. 

I imagine your gender, I see how you get along with your brother. I watch you two playing together. 

But I only see you in my dreams. 

Someday feels like forever away, especially when I don’t know how this story ends. And sometimes baby, I get sad. Sad because I miss you, even though I haven’t met you yet. I ache to hold you, and take in your scent. I long to give you my love.

Someday I pray that I won’t just see you in my dreams, but that I’ll look down and see you in my arms. 

So please sweet baby, hurry into our family. You’re already welcome here. 

Until then, I’m going to pray for you, dream of you, and love you . . . right here. Until you’re no longer my “someday” baby. Until you’re right here, safe in my arms.

Originally published on the author’s blog

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Kaleigh Christensen

Kaleigh is a stay at home mom, wife, and former Kindergarten teacher. In her spare time she loves to write about the things that matter. She shares real and honest vulnerability about the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, infertility, miscarriage, and just plain life. She loves to inspire others to find the beauty mixed in with the mess of life. To read more of her writings, like her Facebook page, Messy Footprints, @MessyFootprints