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I wish I could freeze this time, right where we are now. Right in this moment. Nothing is more bittersweet than seeing you grow. 

People say time flies, and I didn’t really know how much it did fly until I had you. Until I held you in my arms for the very first time. 

Since then, I have watched a little girl grow, right before my eyes.

I watched her first steps.

I heard her first words.

I wiped her first tears.

I held her hand the very first time.

She grew. She keeps on growing.

I see her smile light up a room. I see her eyes glisten when she talks about something she loves. Her giggle is something so contagious, it makes everyone in the room burst into laughter. I saw her steps turn into bounds, and bounds turn into leaps. The energy she brings, the light she providesI hope she will take this everywhere she goes.

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I hope the world won’t change her.

I look at you, my dearest daughter, and I can’t help but wonder where this life will take you.

Right now, we are what you know. We are who you trust, who you come to when you hurt your toe, or if you can’t get the lid off the Marmite. You give hugs so warm, I wish I could hold you forever. 

Please don’t let the world change you.

As we grow, my baby, we learn. You learn. You are already learning. 

This world . . . it can feel lonely. It can feel tough. Sometimes, even though we don’t want it to, it can throw us hurdles. Some of which, I will help you jump. Some of which, you will learn to jump on your own. I wish I could jump them for you, but one of the things you will learn is things don’t always work that way.

People, they can hurt you. They can use you. All I can do as your mom, your best friend, and your guider is be there.

And one day when your hand is too big to hold, when you can get the Marmite lids open, and when your toe no longer hurts, just know, I’m here. 

I won’t let the world change you.

I hope you take your energy with you wherever you go. I hope your eyes will always sparkle when you talk about things you love. And your beautiful smile, I hope you find reasons to use it every single day. I hope your kindness is never taken for granted. I hope you take all you have learned and wear it on your sleeve. 

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I want you to know, my darling, you are my everything. My life. My soul. You are my heartbeat outside of my chest.

Everything I show you, everything I teach you . . . take it with you.

For when your hand is too big to hold, I can hope—just hope—that the world won’t change you.

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I’m Shaeleen—a mum of three beautiful girls under five years of age. I’m 23 years old and enjoy writing a lot. My writing comes from the heart, and I hope I can encourage people or be related to through my content .

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