Tell me a little about yourself. When did you start blogging and why?

Hello HVFH readers! My name is Leah (Cooksley) Peterson and I am from the community of Weissert, Nebraska in Northeast Custer County. I attended a one room school from K-8th grade, then Broken Bow High School. I graduated in 1997 and then attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I received my BA in Communication Studies. 

I met my husband Matt while there. We married in 2001. Since that time, I spent 10 years working in higher education as an Academic Advisor for Bellevue University and a Leadership trainer for Central Community College. Our daughter Maggie arrived in 2008. As she grew, so did my desire to return to my family roots and our ranch in Custer County. In 2012 we moved home, and began working with my parents. We raise Hereford, Shorthorn, and Red Angus crossed cattle. We also farm and raise Thoroughbred horses. 

It has been a dream come true to raise my daughter where I grew up. I have always enjoyed creative writing, and journalism. I write for our local newspaper, the Custer County Chief, and when I heard that HVFH was looking for contributors, I threw my name in. I love to talk about our rural life, and Agriculture. I am also passionate in writing about a topic that is personal to me, and that is working through the grief of Child loss and infertility. HVFH has allowed me to share my heart, and encourage others. For that, I will always be grateful.

What are some of your favorite sites on the ‘net?

I like to read anything and everything about current events and the news. I follow several bloggers who have similar lifestyles. I also love to shop online! Some favorites are:

successful farming

country outfitter

money saving mom and 

tales of a kansas farm mom

What does a typical day look like for you? (Ha – what’s typical?!)

That changes seasonally! Right now, we are just getting into the thick of calving season. A typical day starts with me getting up around 5-6 AM to get stuff around for school and the day. I often take my daughter to school and then come home to help with chores and check cows. That continues throughout the day and into the night. On days I am working at my “paying” job, I help out at our local pharmacy or cover stories for the Custer County Chief. I LOVE this life, no day is the same, but sometimes its difficult to wear muck boots and heels on the same day!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to blog or share her/his story?  

My grandma, Marybell always said that if a person will commit to learn to read well and write well, they can do anything. I believe those wise words. While its true that “anyone” can blog, it takes someone who is well spoken and committed to developing their craft and passion. I encourage anyone who is interested in blogging to sketch out a plan and how/what they will blog about and go for it! Make sure your content is relevant, and well thought out. Also, I have learned that it takes time to pick up readers. You must be patient. 🙂

What story are you most proud of?  

I am proud of all the stories I have written that talk about my family and heritage. I am really proud of the stories written that include anything about our ranching heritage. Its a unique lifestyle we have, with a  rich tradition. It means the world to me that other people find it interesting and enjoyable.

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How can people follow you?  

I do not have my own personal blog, but do manage our family facebook page: I also am a regular contributor for HVFH. Thank you to all the readers who have supported me over the past two years. Its been a fun ride!

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Leah Peterson

Leah Peterson is a native Nebraskan, living on the ranch her ancestors homesteaded in 1878. She and her husband Matt, met at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and returned to the ranch in 2012 after working and living in Central Nebraska the past 12 years. They are parents to two daughters, Maggie and Lucy. Leah has an undergrad degree from UNL in Communication Studies, and a MA in Leadership from Bellevue University. Aside from her work at the ranch and opportunity to be a stay at home mom, she enjoys writing, photography, community involvement, spending time with friends and family and trying new recipes in her kitchen. Leah published her first children's book in 2011 titled "An Apple for Dapple" and enjoys traveling throughout the state to share her book with children and raise awareness about the importance Agriculture in Nebraska.