You need a coffee, I’m bringing you the big one.

You need prayer, just text the word. 

You need a minute. You need a date night. You need someone to hold the baby while you rest, I’m there. 

You need an “I get it” or a “Me, too.”

You need someone to laugh with or cry with, I got you.

You need someone to sit in silence with or remind you it gets better.

You need someone to tell you it’s OK to talk about it. It’s OK to complain about it. 

It’s OK.

Sister, I’ve got your back.

Because motherhood is hard. Marriage is hard. Life is hard. And we were never meant to carry it all alone.

I’m here to remind you—you are not alone.

Mama scrambling to get your kiddos’ attention, I’ve been there and I’ll help you round them up. 

Wife whose in-laws are so different from your own family, I’ll hear your heart.

Neighbor hauling all the groceries on both arms, I’ll hold the door.

Sister struggling to make sense of your thoughts or your purpose or this crazy world we’re living in, I get it. 

You’re in my prayers.

And on my heart.

Because God put us on this journey together. 

And I want you to know it—I’ve got your back. 


Jaclyn Warren

Stay-at-home mommy of four on mission to encourage parents to savor the meaningful in the midst of the messy. Take your 15 minutes; it’s your turn for timeout. You can find her at or on Facebook at