On New Years Eve, six of us got together. We laughed at the funny memories and adventures we experienced over the last year. We cried as we remembered the one person who would not be with us in 2014 and we looked forward to what was ahead as we took steps to move forward.

We each picked one word – a word we would strive to incorporate into our daily lives to help us grow as people; because lets face it – we are all a work in progress! 

My word was Glory. I wanted to make sure no matter what obstacles came my way or actions and decisions I made this year that I would bring Glory to God through it.

After a weekend in the mountains and experiencing views like this, my word Glory had a whole new meaning. For eight months I thought my challenge would be to bring glory to God in all the ugly, sad and hard days. My challenge instead was to see his Glory. I recognized how small  I am in the mightiest of his Glory. It surrounds us. It is visible. He doesn’t need me to bring light to his name…… he already is the light.


Glory -To “give glory to God” means to live and speak sincerely and from the heart about His amazing nature or deeds—in such a way that we seek to do justice to the reality of who He is. It’s what He deserves in all things, at all times.

I am reminded how wide, how great, how deep and how amazing his love is for me. Sometimes, I don’t see it in the shuffle of the day, in the craziness of being a mom or in the obstacles of a relationship, but stepping away – opening my eyes – thinking of the last months –  my prayer – I will continue to see his glory in my life no matter what.

Would love to see your pictures of Glory this week and share them with others! Message me! Where do you see God’s Glory in your life! Or post with hashtag #Wordglory. The moments don’t have to be as magnificent as the mountains – sometimes it is in the simple whisper around you. 

To share God’s Glory……………….. you need to see and believe it first!

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Dana Hurst

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