It only happens once in a blue moon; the mornings that I’m able to slip out of bed, unnoticed, by my toddler or infant. The mornings that I can bask in all my glory of sipping on a cup of hot coffee and reading  (for real reading) a book of my choosing. Ya those mornings. Although these mornings are short lived I do my best to catch up on my social media threads and hey, maybe even get some work done while I’m at it. If you’re like me and you’re busy not only being a housewife/mother, but a business owner too, you may find it hard to fit any fun into the cracks of your life.

This morning, unlike any other morning seemed to be more of a wake up call. As I sipped on my coffee and did my best to do my duties as a business owner, my focus was shifted when I was suddenly sat on by my almost three year old. After a much needed kiss and squeeze from her snuggly morning self, I quickly turned my attention back to my business duties. Not long after was she pulling on my pant legs, reminding me it was time to go to “school” (pretend school that is). Ignoring her hasty pursuit, I continued checking my emails. “Mom, hurry up it’s time for school.” I tried once more to shake off her persistent demand and hoped her attention would be shifted elsewhere. When I heard, yet again those words echoing in the background noise, I unwillingly surrendered and found myself sitting in our entryway “driving” the bus to school.

As I impatiently “fastened” my seat belt and “started up” the engine, I quickly glanced at my daughter’s toothy grin and saw such peer delight oozing out of every inch of her. She giggled with such enthusiasm as I “swerved” around cars, and dogs and trucks in my speedy quest to get her to school. After coming to a screeching halt, we jumped out of the bus and made our way to her classroom (my bedroom). Once there she informed me that she would be teaching our class today, where in which we would be learning the “ABC’s” and “1,2,3’s.”

With each passing second of our time playing school her laughter never deadened, and her smile never faded. As I intently watched her bouncing blonde hair and bright blue eyes, I couldn’t help but think, “I almost missed it.” I almost missed this moment. And why? Because I thought checking my emails was more important? Because I couldn’t possibly take my attention off my phone for one more second? Because I’d rather waste my time staring at my screen rather than staring at my BEAUTIFUL daughter who wants nothing more than my sole and undivided attention?

I could have missed it and honestly I probably “miss it” quite often but like our Heavenly Father, she wakes up afresh each morning, with the past behind her and the future before her; ready to take on a new day. And even when I miss it, she never stops giving me the opportunity to go to school with her.

Tessa Kirby

I am a 25 year old former Michigander turned Illinoisan (by marriage). I am a full-time mother to three littles and a part-time dreamer. I find serenity in the art of bringing life back to my vintage finds and giving them new purpose within my home. In our spare time, my husband and I work together on our 1960's fixer upper, designing and restructuring each space to make this house our home. I blog for fun in hopes that I can find community in the midst of my vulnerability. I find joy in meeting new people and sharing life with others! Learn more about me: