To the working mama who cries in her car after drop-off,

I was you just today. And boy did it sting. 

As a working mom, some days, drop-off is brutal. Some days I just want to march back into daycare and grab my little one, then head home to watch movies on the couch and eat fruit snacks. Some days I sit in my car for a few minutes to cry my eyeballs out before I start the morning transition from mom to corporate employee. Some days I call the school three times to make sure my little one is doing OK.

She always is. And eventually, so am I.

Thankfully, those gut-wrenching days are few and far between. And when they come, I let the work-life scale tip a little more in favor of family. 

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Working moms are a tough breed, with extreme abilities to compartmentalize, multi-task, and muster up the strength to live up to near-impossible standards. We pour our hearts into making the most of time and energy across the board, always keeping a tally of work versus home wins. We bring on the chaos and adventure while handling the inevitable scrutiny with grace. 

I love being a working mom. 

I know I’m in good company with others who meticulously plan each and every detail at home and at work. I know there are other women out there who go on special donut breakfasts before work and school to squeeze in a few extra happy minutes and hopefully, memories. 

And I know there are others who want to ugly cry in the parking lot of daycare, just like me. 

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To that woman I say, you and I both know this moment, day, or season will pass. Cherish those good moments at work and at home because they make you who you arean incredible woman with superpowers . . . even if you don’t feel like it today.

Grab your coffee, call the school, and kick some serious butt today.

Christina Andrews

Christina Andrews is a working mom who spends her free time hanging with family and justifying In n Out for dinner.