Do you have a check list and do you make one everyday for yourself? Good–then  you’ll love this mom tip and sanity saver. In order to help your kids learn a sense of accomplishment (And to help you know if the dog is being fed daily), create chore charts. A chore chart is a visible goal each of your children can see. It helps them see their progress and what they still need to accomplish. 🙂

Chore charts are AWESOME! If your child is between the ages of 2 to 12, they generally like to see their progress and this teaches them the reward of accomplishment and being part of a team. As they complete each chore, add a sticker or if you are using a dry eraser, make a star or smiley face.

Here are some of my favorites. Most are free online printables, including one I created for my kids through Microsoft for HVFH.

1. Free Printable Chore Chart from Family Minute.

2. Her View From Home Chore Chart. Kids chore chart.

You will need to click on the link to see and print this one out. It is a Microsoft template that I adapted for my kids. It’s FREE and you can download it or print.


3. Magnetic Chore Chart

I LOVE this one. It’s made out of a cookie sheet, magnetic vinyl  pictures off the net. Add a little ribbon and viola–easy, fun chore chart. For step by step instructions of this awesome find, visit: Chaos Served Daily!

Okay, okay besides organizing daily chores for your kids, you’re probably questioning how to get your kids to accomplish chores and whether or not your two-year-old can actually do chores. Short answer–yes.

1. Level of Chores. In order to teach your kids the responsibility, make sure each chore assigned is according to their ability and age level. When my daughter was 2, her chores were:

1. No Whining

2. Go Potty

3. Pick up toys

4. Kind hands

My son who is six accomplishes:

1. Feed/Water Dog

2. Vacuum the staircase

3. Take laundry downstairs

4. Clear and wipe down table

5. Clean room

6. Make Bed

And my 13 year old, she can do a number of chores including taking out the trash, her own laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etc.Moving on to more tips:

2. Be consistent. Even on the most hectic days, set time aside to complete their chores. Generally speaking most chores if completed daily take 15 to 25 minutes. The best time to complete most is right after school.

3. Make it fun. We be-bop to music and add friendly competition.

4. Give them a goal to work towards. For our kids, they earn rewards at the end of the week for a certain amount of chores completed.

Now we would love to hear from YOU! What do you do in terms of chores? Any fun motivators for your kids? 

It's been proved that kids who complete chores when they are young are more successful in life. So to get you started here's a DIY chore chart for your kids!

Heather Riggleman

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