Oh, sweet mama, you’re not alone . . . we’ve all done it. And some of us even do it from the moment we learn we’re going to have a baby. 

We wish and dream and hope. 

We imagine what our children will look like and envision all those special moments that will surely unfold with time . . . from their first steps to their first prom.

Sometimes we even go ahead and dare to sketch out a map for their path through life.

But oh, sweet mama, be careful.

Be careful not to dream in color or with too much detail. Keep your hopes vague and your wishes simple. I know you only want the best for them and to give them all the opportunities you didn’t have so they can succeed where you failed.

But oh, sweet mama, be careful.

Because as they grow, you may discover their dreams may be of things you never even imagined. And their hopes and wishes may be very different from yours, too. They may have no desire to succeed at things you value and define success and failure quite differently than you do.

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Most of all sweet mama, you must choose to have faith and trust you may not always know what is best for them. You must believe what is in their best and most true interest will prevail.

Your children are gifts from God. Your children came from you but are not of you. They have their own energy and light, their own destiny and authenticity. They’re completely unique entities, unlike any other.

And it is at this very moment of accepting their beautiful individuality when your love for them will prevail over any fear or doubt. Because a mama’s love is like no other.

Your love will give you the faith to trust them as they follow their own path. 

It’s hard at times. When my baby girl was born I had visions of delicate lace and sweet, pink rosebuds. And dared to hope she would one day attend Harvard Medical Schoo, which was an unrealized dream of mine. And today as I walked past Harvard Med on my way to meet her at the college of her choice, I took a deep breath and gave thanks for the ability to watch her follow her own path. 

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My daughter allowed me the opportunity for my love to grow strong enough to fill me with faith and trust to watch her live her own authentic life.

Oh, sweet mama, you’re not alone. Just breathe.

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Lorilyn Bridges

Lorilyn was a stay at home who raised three wonderfully unique kids. She has enormous empathy for all parents, no matter where they are along their parenting journey. Lorilyn is now an empty nester and lives out in the country with her husband and a bunch of adorable farm animals. Her passions include storytelling, gardening, chocolate, sailing, and most of all connecting with others. She is on Instagram @just.lorilyn