For now, I’ll be your everything but someday that will change, my precious son.

Someday you’ll find another who will change your world and become your everything.

For now, I’ll hold your little hand, but one day your hand will be bigger than mine and you’ll cling to hers instead.

For now, I’ll hold you tight when you don’t feel good, but someday you’ll run to another’s embrace to comfort you.

For now, I’ll take all the wet, mushy kisses I can get because one day, kisses from mom will be replaced with kisses from her.

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For now, I’ll cry when you cry, but someday you’ll be wiping her tears away.

For now, I’ll dance with you in the kitchen and hold you up so you can reach my hands. But someday you’ll be taller than me, and you will sweep her off her feet.

We’ll share a dance on that day, the day you become a husband. Our last dance as mother and son before she becomes your everything.

But you’ll never stop being my everything. My job as a mother will never end.

I’ll continue to worry about you every morning and pray for you every night.

I’ll continue to cry when anything bad happens to you or you’re sad.

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I’ll continue wanting to hold onto you every moment I can get.

I’ll never stop being your motheryou are my everything until the day I die.

And as I’m writing this, I’m sitting here watching you sleep. You’re growing more into your bed. Your feet are becoming less baby and more little boy. Your arms and legs are getting longer. As time keeps going, I know this day will come sooner and sooner. The day when you don’t need me anymore, and you’ll need her more than anything.

The day when she becomes your everything.

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I look forward to meeting her when that day comes. I’m sure I’ll be jealous at first, and I won’t want to share you. But I pray she loves you as much as I do. I pray she’ll take care of you just as I would and support you with unending love. Because that, my precious boy, is what you deserve. You deserve nothing less than unending love, all the days of your life.

For now, I’ll be your everything but you’ll always be my everything.

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Courtney Devich

I am a mom of two little ones (God blessed me with one of each) and a former HR leader turned stay-at-home mom. I write with a heart for the mom struggling with mental illness, but I write about all things motherhood, marriage, and faith on my blog, Her Strength & Dignity. You can usually find me in the Starbucks line at my local Target, watching Fixer Upper, or chasing after a toddler (or two) in my home in Michigan.