Subscription boxes are allllll the rage these days⁠—and for good reason. They’re unique, they’re exciting, and by definition, they’re a gift that keeps on giving all year ’round. 

They’re also easy. Just choose a box to suit your loved one’s interests or hobbies, choose the frequency of delivery, and then sit back and wait. The recipient will receive a box filled with interest-appropriate goodies, and you’ll get the cool-gift points without the hard work of curating it yourself. Win, win.

Bonus: subscription boxes are the PERFECT gift for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list (I’m looking at you, Dad) since they’re chock full of things your loved one will use and appreciate.

We scoured the internet to find the hottest subscription boxes out there. Here are some of our favorites:

Bean Box

Bean Box Coffee Subscriptions and Coffee Gifts

Bean Box is Heaven in a box for the coffee-lovers in your life. Each box can be customized by amount, preparation of coffee (whole bean or freshly ground), and roast preference. Cheers to the morning, indeed!

Confetti Collection

If anyone I know is reading this and needs an idea for a Christmas gift for me, this is my not-so-subtle hint. The Confetti Collection subscription box is jam-packed with CUTE items and was the U.S. Subscription Box Awards Winner in 2019.


Causebox is a grab bag of jewelry, wellness products, apparel, homewares, artwork, beauty products, and accessories—all of which are ethically sourced and cruelty-free! Not only does Causebox support brands that give back, but they also donate a portion of their proceeds to charity.

Grill Masters Club

This box is absolute perfection for the king (or queen) of the grill. The Grill Masters Club box comes with a variety of sauces, dry rubs, and wood chips each month. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be given the title of Official Taste Tester as a thank you for gifting this awesome box.

Dispatch Breakout Games

You know those escape rooms that have become so popular in recent years? Well, this is pretty much that . . . in a box. Each month, new clues are delivered to help with the solution to one grand mystery. There’s also a version suitable for preschool-aged kids. If you’re looking for a subscription box the whole family can enjoy together, this is it.

Brick Loot

For the LEGO lover in your life, each Brick Loot box comes with a complete kit for a new building project. Individual kits can also be purchased.

Strong Selfie

If I could have gifted a Strong Selfie subscription to all of the girls in the 8th grade class I taught, I would have! This box is chock-full of empowering messages and cute novelties for tween and teen girls. This is one gift she definitely won’t be rolling her eyes at.   

Think Outside

The Think Outside box is SO cool, you guys. Each month’s kit comes with supplies and task cards for an outside excursion of some sort. From building shelters to starting fires, the whole family will learn new survival tips and tricks while spending time together. It doesn’t get much better than that!


This subscription box is for the candle lover in your life—and believe me, there is a candle lover in your life. Each delivery comes with a candle that matches the recipient’s scent preferences, packaged in a trendy container.

Scent Box

You know those heavenly smelling but oh-so-expensive perfumes and colognes you find at beauty counters? The Scent Box is the perfect way to try out a variety of designer scents without breaking the bank. Each fragrance comes in a 30-day supply. 

Sock Panda

Who doesn’t like fun socks? No one. The answer is no one. And for every pair of socks purchased, Sock Panda gives a pair to someone in need. How cool is that?

Little Fun Club

Little Fun Box

The little bookworms in your life will love the Little Fun Club box. The subscriptions are customizable by age for kids 0-12 years old, and each delivery comes with three books. Have multiple kids of different ages? Give them each their own subscription to grow their personal libraries!


What's in Faithbox?

This subscription is a Christian-themed box that comes with a daily devotional for each day of the month, as well as other faith-related goods handpicked by the Faithbox team! You can also purchase one-time boxes with central themes such as Kindness, Family, Sacrifice, Commitment, Doubt, and more.


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