Last week, a crossing guard led a bunch of us through the intersection in front of my kids’ elementary school. Like he does every day.

But halfway through the crosswalk, a woman in an SUV headed for the middle-school car line decided she’d waited long enough and pushed right past us, wiggling around 10-year-olds with backpacks and their outraged parents.She drove past children. In a crosswalk. Directly in front of school. With a crossing guard in a bright yellow vest holding a flashing STOP sign.

As I voiced my disgust, the crossing guard confessed, “It happens all the time.”

When I learned of the three sweet children killed by a driver blatantly ignoring the lights and stop sign on their school bus in Indiana recently, I was devastated.

But I wasn’t surprised.

I’ve seen cars speed around stopped buses before, just like the driver who blatantly ignored our crossing guard.

Happens. All. The. Time.

And how sad is that? These little kids just trying to get to school follow the rules; they wait where they’re supposed to and cross when they’re supposed to. But this driver was what? Too busy? Too distracted? In a hurry?

It’s unacceptable. And heartbreaking. And, hopefully, a wake-up call for others.

One minute to wait for a school bus or a crossing guard won’t make a dent in your day.

But it could save a life. Or three.

Be careful out there, friends.


Originally posted on Jacqueline Miller, Boogers Abroad

Jacqueline Miller

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