It was long past nightfall when I stumbled out into the hallway. I wasn’t sure how it got to be so late. A quick rub of the eyes reminded me that the day’s mascara was now smeared across my face. I stretched and retreated up the stairs.

Once I reached my bathroom, I was blinded by the light. I squinted and was taken aback by what I saw in the mirror. As I feared, my mascara had definitely left my lashes, my hair was a fright and there was a better than fair chance that I had drool on my face.

I wondered how long I had been there.

This all started out innocently.

A trailer was rented, the maiden voyage of our trailer hitch. The car was loaded up and returned to our house with a dresser, a nightstand and a twin bed. The toddler bed had been unassembled and the twin bed was moved into its place with great ceremony, complete with truck sheets.

Since that first night, I’ve not made it out of the bedroom routine without losing at least 30 minutes to that truck covered time machine.

As if I didn’t already long for more hours in the day, now I’m losing precious post-bedtime minutes to a twin mattress and the snuggle monster inhabitant.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bedtime. Those moments spent winding down for the day with the littles are the best. I am super down with stories and singing and snuggling.

I am much less down with losing my very few moments to clean up for the night and prepare for the next morning or feeling like a zombie desperately finishing nightly chores and hoping that once my head actually hits my pillow that I’ll be able to resume my slumber.

All of that said, while they still want to snuggle and tell stories, I will gladly board the twin-sized time warp machine.

Sister waking up brother


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