Hi guys,

My hometown could use some love. The students at Blue Hill High School are prepping for an incredible One Act Play called, The Laramie Project.

The Laramie Project is about how the community of Laramie, Wyoming responded to the brutal killing of Matthew Shepard, a gay University of Wyoming student, in 1998. Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theater Project interviewed over 200 people. The play is made up of those interviews, journal entries from members of the company, and other found texts. The play tries to show a wide range of views. Ten student actors are playing 50 roles. It’s a big challenge; it remains a timely story 18 years later. These students are bravely stepping into roles very different from themselves.

Here’s the deal. Last year, they sold over 200 tickets for their play called Massacre. This year, the story is a bit different.

Only 50 tickets sold. They are experiencing resistance from the community. And this makes my heart so terribly sad.

Can you help? Can you share this post or go to the play? These students are making a bold move to stand up against hate and I, for one, am so proud to call this my Alma mater and am proud of these students and staff. But they need our support. Especially now.

Tickets are $10 at the door. Although they have only sold 50 tickets, they are making dessert for the originally planned number of 150. There’s room for you! Come have coffee, desserts and support this incredible group of students!

What:  Gourmet Dessert Bar and Show

Ticket Price:  $10 (for the show and desserts)  You can pay at the door.

When:  Sunday, November 13. Doors open at 6:00 pm for dessert and silent auction. Show begins at 7: 00 pm.

Where:  Blue Hill High School, Blue Hill Nebraska – 606 South Sycamore

Thanks for your help! Now is the time to spread love to everyone. We can start here.

*Update*  The response has been incredible – thank you all! If you can’t attend this program but would still like to donate to the school, please send your donations to:

  • Blue Hill Schools 606 S Sycamore
  • Blue Hill, Ne 68930

**Be sure to indicate ONE ACT in the memo to be sure it goes to this program.


Leslie Means

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