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As I sit here watching my two boys running around on the bright-colored foam mats, sliding down the bright red and green slides that end up in a ball pit full of giggles, I canโ€™t help but wonder how much longer I will enjoy this sight.

Theyโ€™re both growing up so fastโ€”T-shirts with their favorite characters have been replaced by plain colors. 

Curtains with Paw Patrol now invite an โ€œEww, cringe!โ€ reaction.

Slowly their boy bedroom decor has been updated to reflect the cool gamers they so want to be.

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No more toy cars, remote control robots, and light-up shoes.

Now itโ€™s all about game controllers, graphic cards, and YouTube. 

As I watch my babies grow up, the feeling that every mother knows all too well creeps in.

Itโ€™s bittersweet.

Itโ€™s exciting yet terrifying.

Itโ€™s holding on while letting go.

Itโ€™s looking toward the future while being afraid to forget the past. Afraid to forget the little milestones like the first lost tooth or the first time they recognized a traffic sign. Everyday kind of stuff thatโ€™s still so amazing to my mother heart.

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I wonder if itโ€™ll ever get easier.

The navigation of this road toward a different kind of motherhood. 

No longer needed as much for the hands-on, yet needed more in other areas. Being needed to help navigate the rough waters of becoming a teenager and growing into a man who can look at himself in the mirror with pride. 

Especially in this fast-changing world, itโ€™s a task thatโ€™s daunting, and undoubtedly, will take everything Iโ€™ve got. Maybe even more. 

But for right now, at this very moment, I will watch my boys giggle in the brightly colored ball pit while soaking up every single second for as long as it lasts.

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Jennifer Pers

Jennifer is a Montessori teacher who left the classroom to focus on homeschooling her two amazing sons. Married to her best friend for over a decade and living in the Caribbean on a tiny island, which has its challenges and its perks.

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