I’ve always been somewhat of a tomboy. I grew up playing a variety of sports and have never been a fan of pink and frilly things.

Things haven’t changed since becoming an adult woman. I still have the bad habit of occasionally biting my nails, so they are bare of polish. I only wear dresses on the most special of occasions, like a wedding, and I own two pairs of high heels that I haven’t worn in about three years.

I prefer jeans and a t-shirt, running around town in my tennis shoes and my hair pulled back in ponytail. I applaud women who put a lot of time and effort into their appearance, and enjoy places like the spa. But that’s just not me.

So when my husband and I started planning our family, I wasn’t sure what life would be like if we had a baby girl. Neither of us had a preference for a son or daughter, but having a little girl slightly terrified me. Would I be “girly” enough for my daughter?

Turns out, it didn’t matter, because we were blessed with not only one, but two beautiful boys. I’m officially a boy mom.

While I navigate the complicated world that is motherhood and continue to find my place,  I’m quickly learning that I don’t know much about raising two little boys. Here’s what I’ve learned so far as a boy mom:

  1. Once you potty train a boy, you are basically just swapping diaper changes for wiping pee off every bathroom surface.
  2. Related to the point above, boys are fascinated by peeing outside and will find any opportunity to do so. At least it’s less urine for you to clean up.
  3. Moms make the best jungle gyms.
  4. Butts (and their sounds) are apparently the funniest. 
  5. A little boy’s energy is limitless. They can, and will, run circles around you.
  6. They love to squish bugs under their light-up shoes (except caterpillars and grasshoppers because “them are nice”).
  7. They fill their backpack with Hot Wheels and are ready for an adventure at any moment.
  8. Their sweet little hands reach for you when they get hurt, seeking the comfort of mom’s loving arms.
  9. We are charged with raising boys who are comfortable with their emotions and will grow into good men who respect and support women.
  10. Little boys love their mamas in a way you can never prepare for and it fills your heart to the point of where it is always on the brink of exploding.

My journey as a boy mom has only just begun and I can’t wait to see not what I can teach my sons, but what they can teach me.

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Kendra Perley

A mom and professional freelance writer, when not wrangling boys or typing words, Kendra has a fond appreciation of art, yoga, and humor. You can read more about her take on motherhood on her blog, The Maternal Canvas. Find her on Instagram, and Facebook.