As mothers of daughters, it is our influence that will help shape the next generation of strong women. Leaders, speakers, wives, mothers, dream chasers . . . they will look to us as role models. We have the power to propel them farther forward in life with our love, support, and encouragement. 

These are a few life lessons I’ve learned in my teenage and adult years as a young wife and mother and things I wish someone had told me as a young woman. I hope to share them with my own daughter one day as she gets older and takes on the world herself. 

Lean On God

It is so easy to get lost as a teenager. I know I did. It’s easy to only lean onto friends or a boyfriend or to rely solely on yourself because you trust no one else. But I can tell you this, God is a rock, He will not let you down when people will. 

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Don’t Worry About What Others May Think About You

Easier said than done right! But it’s 100% true. In high school, I was extremely shy and self-conscious. I cared a lot about what my peers thought about me and tried my best to fit and fade into the crowd, but looking back, I wish I had just been myself instead of wasting my time and energy trying to be someone I wasn’t. Dare to be unique. 

Chin Up, Always

Growing up, I didn’t have much confidence, but as I got older it was gained little by little as I grew bolder and stronger. One thing that helped a lot was to keep my chin up. Even if I wasn’t feeling confident or low, if I reminded myself to always keep my chin up, it was a game-changer. When I felt my head going down like I was losing confidence I would say to myself, “Chin up, chin up, chin up always. I am strong, I am brave, I am confident, I am a daughter of God, I can do this, I got this, chin up.” I still do this today.

Do Not Put Your Self-Worth Into Others

Don’t let others define your self-worth. You are worthy of all good things, blessings, love, and forgiveness. 

It’s OK To Fail

As women, we strive for perfection, but we’re imperfect beings. We can try and be perfect all we want, but the truth is it’s not going to happen. And that’s OK. We learn from our failures and mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Turn a new page, start a new chapter. It will be OK.

Knowledge Will Take You Places

I’m not saying you must go to college in order to be successful, I’m saying whenever you have the opportunity to learneven in everyday lifethen learn. Be open and willing to learn new things. My grandmother (a school teacher and a student herself into her 90s) always seized the opportunity to teach us new things and encouraged us wholeheartedly to learn anything and everything. I loved her for it. 

Find a Hobby

Enjoy different hobbies while you’re young because when you enter into adulthood and motherhood, you may not have the time you once had to enjoy them. 

Be Humble and Kind

Two good traits to have are humility and kindness. Even if it’s not shown to you, show it to others. 

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Follow Your Dreams

God gave you those dreams for a reason, and He gave you the means to make those dreams a reality. And it’s OK for dreams to change. 

You Are Loved

I say it often, and I will continue to say it often, but I’ll write it, too: I love you. 

Angel Baker

My name is Angel Baker, I live with my family in the rural countryside of Maryland and love animals, reading, and writing.