I Want It NOW Cry. This one starts in a low tone and picks up volume when the need increases. An object, like that elusive television remote or momma’s I-Phone, may drive this cry to higher octaves. A toy out of reach is another starter. Or, baby sees the bottle you are making, they want it NOW and you’re only at the thawing frozen milk or scooping formula level. This crying may lead to obsessive hand reaching, arm waving, throwing of objects, and real baby tears if baby gets mad enough. All because, baby needs something NOW.

Kate Hula

Kate Hula began writing as soon as she could hold a crayon in her hand and has been hooked with words, writing and storytelling ever since. By first grade, Kate completed her first novel, The Butterfly Catcher, with several other grade level masterpieces that only her mother has seen. Her writing ambition brought her to the University of Nebraska- Kearney where she graduated with a degree in Journalism while working part-time at a local television station. As time progressed, Kate moved to Lincoln and found the one thing she wasn't looking for, love. She met her future husband at a cheesy 80's cover band concert and her life changed forever. While balancing married life and a full time job, Kate has just enough time to do what she loves the most, writing. Follow Kate's hilarious and unconventional blog, the vaultuncensored.com, about life as a thirty-something year old woman among a world of debauchery, annoyances and every day oddities that make life a little more interesting.