Each Halloween  my sister Lindsay and I would scout houses in our tiny town for THE best treats. The house with pop and full sized candy bars were always our first stop. The houses that handed out Halloween pencils were high up there and the ladies who made those tasty popcorn balls came in top notch, too.

Can kids even eat popcorn balls anymore? I sure wouldn’t let my girls eat a random popcorn ball. Didn’t they have a razor blade scare back in the late 80s or something?

Anyway – back to my point.

If a house gave out one of those said treats and decorated their front porch, they were by far my favorite. It’s why every Halloween I make sure my porch is also decked out to greet trick-or-treaters! (I also give out pop and/or big candy bars, and/or pencils. I know. I can’t help it. I can’t be the house that gives out that nasty orange and black candy. blah.)

Last year, my girls and I found this Hanging Bats craft online.


Not only are these little guys seriously cute, they are also simple to make and kid friendly! Ella loved to help me and mentioned them a few days ago.

“Mama, we have to make our bats!”

Guess we’ll be making them again this year! There’s a good chance you’ll have all materials on hand anyway – so give them a shot! They are bound to get plenty of trick-or-treaters talking about your home, in a good way!

Hanging Bats 

Originally found from Martha Stewart Online

Materials Needed

  • Half-bat template 
  • Thick black paper (card-stock will work well for this project)
  • Something to create a crease. I used the back of a knife
  • Tape or hooks, depending on how you want to hang your bats
  • String if you want them to hang

To make your hanging bats

  1. Print Martha Stewart’s  half-bat template; then fold a piece of thick black paper down the middle, place the template on the fold, and trace. Cut out, and unfold. Use object to crease wings (and fold opposite the direction of body fold).
  2. Poke holes in the bat – in the tail for an upside-down bat, in the wings and head for one that’s right side up. Hang from ceiling with painters’ tape or removable hooks. I used thread to hang some of the bats from above on my porch.

Leslie Means

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