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Alexandra and Scott Eidens, (one of our lovely readers of Her View!) are creating a 26-week journal for children. This journal will help develop growth mindset, perseverance, love for learning, gratitude, and other noble qualities. 
Honestly guys, I watched their Kickstarter campaign video and knew my girls would love this. Especially my almost 8-year-old who is currently obsessed with reading, writing and sharing thoughts in her personal diary. (Update:  we received our journal and she loves it! She has asked to do this every evening before bed. I love the extra time spent with mom, too!)
Below you’ll find more details about the Big Life Journal as well as a Kickstarter campaign video that provides more information on the creators and what you can expect! If you feel moved to support them on their journey, I know they would be so thankful.
Their Kickstarter campaign runs through August 31. Here’s the link to show your support!

About The Big Life Journal 

The Big Life Journal is a six-month journal for children designed to cultivate such important qualities as perseverance, dreaming big, mindfulness, gratitude, love of learning, and others. 

Here are just a few benefits to this journal:  

  • It is an excellent tool to introduce your child to important and complex life concepts in a fun and engaging manner through poems, illustrations, and stories.
  • Your child will be asked thought-provoking questions like: “Why is it important to help others? Can you think of someone you can help?” These questions will allow your child to think about these concepts from their own perspective.
  • Your child will get into the habit of journaling. Science has shown so many benefits to journaling, such as evoking mindfulness and better communications skills.
  • You and your child will share a special bond. Each week a child will go through the journal together with their Journal Buddy, who can be a parent or a guardian. Your child will remember this special time for the rest of their life!
  • It is fun! Not only are there areas for drawing to be creative, but also fun questions to answer like: “Which movie character would you be and why?”  
 To learn more about the Journal and to peek inside, head over to the Kickstarter campaign
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Must Have Big Life Journal For Your Kids Ages 6-11

Must Have Big Life Journal For Your Kids Ages 6-11
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