I like to believe that I live a pretty typical life for a 24 ½  year old. My husband and I are pretty typical people, who do pretty typical things with other pretty typical people. We have pretty typical interests and hobbies, have pretty typical conversations, eat pretty typical food, and drive pretty typical cars. Everything we do is normal to me.

And then I hang out with other 24 ½ year olds, and I realize that we are actually really weird and our lives are actually pretty lame. We don’t do a lot of things, we don’t go a lot of places, and our idea of a fancy date night consists of 2 for $20 at Applebees. Some would say our lives are more in line with that of 94 ½ year olds. And I do not say that negatively. CLEARLY we have a lot in common, people!

Anyway, you get the idea.

A few days ago I did something wild. I left my husband at home, put on some heels, curled my hair, called a couple of my best girls, and hung out with Taylor Swift for the evening. I dropped a pretty penny on my ticket, ordered a cocktail at dinner, took a few dozen selfies, and had an amazing time. The next morning we went out for breakfast, got coffee, spent the afternoon shopping, and again had an amazing time.

And by the time that was done, I was so ready to be home eating homemade nachos, drinking a penny-an-ounce fountain pop, watching football and sitting on the couch next to my husband. Like we do every Saturday.

But when I went to bed that night, I had this sinking feeling that we’re doing things wrong. That we aren’t social enough. That we don’t buy enough things. That we don’t do enough things. That we’re missing out on “what life is all about” because we’d rather be home with each other, investing in one another and most likely not wiping off our faces between bites.

But that’s so silly, because I’m 100% happy with our life just the way it is. I can say with certainty that spending 2 hours with T. Swift was worth every cent of that ticket. But I can also say with certainty that celebrating my husband’s 25th birthday in a few days with nothing more than cheap wings and a movie will be the best thing I do all week.

There was a time in my life before I was a wife when my social calendar was a lot more full, and I loved it. And maybe you’re married and that’s still the case, and that’s awesome. Maybe that’s what a future chapter for us will look like, too. But right now we’re content with just being together, and honestly what could be better than that?

Kristin Majerus

Hello! My name is Kristin. I'm originally from central Nebraska but currently find myself in Omaha. My heart belongs to two people: 1. Jesus and 2. my husband and cat daddy Taylor. I work as a Personal Trainer and Taylor is working his way through Physical Therapy school, so I'm rocking the whole "married with no kids while my husband is in school single income family" thing. While Taylor is up to his eyeballs in textbooks and thera-bands, I can usually be found reading, writing, or working on making our one bedroom apartment a home. I'm so excited to share pieces of my life with you guys, and hope you find joy in following along. You can learn everything about me and then some at my personal blog https://kristinmajerus.wordpress.com/