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Jamie Frerichs
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I started to crave travel while I was in college, and no, I’m not just talking about Spring Break (although Mazatlan was a lot of fun). What began with venturing to a few away games to cheer on my beloved Cornhusker football team, quickly turned into spending a semester in the college program at Walt Disney World, becoming a nanny for a family living outside of New York City, completing a semester-long linguistic program in France, and eventually flying across the nation while working for a sales and strategic marketing firm.

I’m fortunate to have been a lot of places, but my story is not about where I’ve been – it’s about what I’ve been lucky enough to do. Everywhere I go I seek out the best local eateries, museums, and shops. From food truck to fine dining, from art studios to The Louvre, from farmers markets to high-end boutiques – I love discovering local treasures.

I’m a connoisseur of local culture and I’d like to share with you my culinary adventures. Pull up a chair, grab a fancy glass of whatever you’re thirsting for, and let’s eat. Bon appetit!