I believe we are all raising tiny humans who will change this world.

I believe, with all my heart, that there is no job more important than that of a mother. 

And mothering, my dear friend, is work.

It is tiring, thankless, soul-altering work.

Mothering will simultaneously fill and empty your cup.

You will go to bed both exhausted and exhilarated by the love you hold for your children.

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It is, by far, the most beautiful and heart-wrenching gift you will ever receive. 

Mama, I know you are tired

I see the lines on your face.

I see the worry in your eyes questioning if you were cut out for this role.

Questioning if your love will be enough to equip your children with the tools they desperately need to not only survive this world but change it as well.

I am here to reassure you: you were made for this work.   

Each time you took an ordinary task like grocery shopping or running to the bank and turned it into a teachable moment . . . Or, those times, despite your time constraints, you gave your baby the space he needed to choose his own clothing or buckle his seatbelt or help cook dinner . . . Every time you held a tiny hand, kissed a skinned knee, or calmed a tantrum . . .

You were doing the hardest work imaginable, mama. 

Your soul was handpicked for your children.

And these future world-changers need you, mama.

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They need your heart, your patience, and your unconditional love so they can be prepared to go out and cultivate an incredible world of their own.  

I know, at times, this work you are doing feels heavy and exhausting and lonely and isolating.

I also know how your mama heart swells and you beam with pride each time you see your children becoming the best version of themselves.

Here’s a tiny secret: your children are the best versions of themselves because of you. 

You are the one who spends each day giving every ounce of yourself to your children.

You are the one filling their cups with all of your love and understanding.

I see you and I see the work you are doing.

I want you to know you are enough, you are incredible, and you, mama, are a difference-maker.

Your love for your children will change this world.

Marissa Layman

My name is Marissa Layman. I am a wife, mother, and registered nurse. I spend most of my days chasing my toddler while simultaneously attempting to juggle my marriage, career, and very full house. When I am able to sneak away for a few hours, I love to indulge in a cycling or group fitness class. I recently began to prioritize my writing as a way to navigate my very big feelings about motherhood, marriage, and adult friendships.