Life. It’s a series of breaths, seconds, minutes, moments, hours and many times years that feed into decades. If we’re lucky, that is. If we’re lucky we get more than just breaths. Or seconds. Or minutes. If we’re lucky, we get to participate in flipping the calendar to a new month. Or replacing one calendar with another for the new year. We get to experience the finality that can come with saying goodbye to one year and the anticipation that comes with starting the new one. We can find ourselves drenched in excitement over fresh potential. Or saddened to have to let go of a year we so loved.

We can resolve that this one, the one to come, the year ahead — it will be better. We will be nicer. Kinder. More fit. Happier. More balanced. Less busy. More present. We will read more. We will own less. We will work smarter, not harder. We will communicate with those we love. We will be more patient. We will… we will… we will.

Life. It’s a series of breaths, seconds, minutes, moments, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades.

It is not built in a second. Or a day. It is a continuation of all that we have snowballed into this day. The here. The now. And yet, each year allows us to begin, again.

How will you begin again? What will you do with your breaths? Your seconds? Your moment? Your year?

How will you continue on but begin again? And what will the New Year bring to focus and habit for you and your family that give you new hope and excitement in 2017?

Ashli Brehm

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