After two and a half weeks of searching and praying, the family of Sydney Loofe received unimaginable news last night. George and Susie Loofe of Neligh, NE heard the words they dreaded the most, words they had prayed would never be said. The body of their 24-year old daughter, who had been missing since Nov. 15, had been found. And the police suspect foul play.

In a press conference given this morning, Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said that a body believed to be Loofe’s body was found in rural Clay County, which is about 90 miles west-southwest of Lincoln. He also revealed that two persons of interest—51-year-old Aubrey Trail and 23-year-old Bailey Boswell—are in custody as persons of interest. Investigators believe that Trail and Boswell are the last known people to see Sydney before her disappearance.

Some details have been released to the public, including that Sydney was reported missing on November 16 when she didn’t show up for work at Menards in Lincoln. Also, it is known that she went on a date the night before with Bailey Boswell, whom she met online. Both Trail and Boswell have criminal records, including arrests for drug possession, failure to appear in court, possession of a deadly weapon, and forgery. They made some questionable social media posts related to this case after Loofe went missing, but emphatically maintain their innocence. “I’m a crook, I’m a thief, have been all my life,” Trail said. “But I’m not what you’re trying to make me out to be.” 

Chief Bliemeister also revealed the impact that Sydney’s “digital footprint” had on their ability to find her. Because of her digital activity, the team was able to put feet on the ground to search a specific area, which is where they found her body. And he stated with confidence that he believes the public is no longer in danger due to facts related to this case. 

Chief Bliemeister also stressed a few key points as he fielded questions from reporters: The investigation is on-going and will be thorough. The team of investigators ask for the public’s patience as they work to protect the integrity of the investigation. And most importantly, Chief Bliemeister asked that reporters respect Sydney’s family and give her parents, George and Susie, time to grieve privately.

We at Her View From Home send Sydney’s family our prayers and wish them peace and comfort at what will undoubtedly be a very painful holiday season. We hope this investigation provides answers that will give them closure as they say goodbye to their beautiful daughter.

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Karen Johnson

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