Child, you are not a statistic. 

You don’t even know the meaning of the word yet, but let me tell you. You are not one. 

You are not the child of divorced parents or the child of an alcoholic. You are not at greater risk. You are not ADHD. You are not special needs or developmentally behind. You are not an IEP. You are not childhood obesity. You are not the one left out. 

Child, you are not a statistic. You are not me. You are not your father. You do not carry our sins, nor did you commit them.  

You, my precious, perfectly crafted child, are a child of the King.

You are right where you need to be.

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You are a star that shines bright in the galaxy of humankind. You carry light into this dark world every single day. There is a purpose inside of you that is far-reaching and much bigger than your mom can even imagine. God saw you before time and set you in motion to dance a beautiful dance in tune with Himnot to be a statistic in this temporary life. 

Nope. Not even close. You are made to smash the stats. You are here to fulfill a purpose that has been designed before the human language and words like “statistics” were even formed. You were thought about by the God of the Universe before there was a diagnosis.

You are not an accident. You are not here by chance.

You are not your circumstance or your family of origin. I will be a part of you always, but I am only a part of your plan.  

Child, you are not a statistic. 

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Don’t for one second think God created you to fall into a category. Don’t for one second believe the lie that you are just a number among millions. If that were the case then wouldn’t every leaf on the tree bear the same lines? Wouldn’t every wave carry the exact same form and splash? Let me tell you, child, God didn’t put breath in a leaf. He didn’t place a heart in the waves, but goodness child, He put them both in you.  

Don’t for one second believe when God looks at you He sees a number. He sees the heart he made, beating in sync with His thoughts. He sees the beautiful feet of a child who was made to go places. He sees the eyes that see the world as He sees it so they can change it one piece at a time. He sees the goodness in you. Every bit of it. 

He knows all the numbers and all the names, but He didn’t make those. The world did. You are His. Not the world’s.

Youbeautiful, daring, solid, brave, loving, giving, kind, smart, joyfulchild are not a statistic. Not even close.  

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You are called. You are wanted. You have such a beautiful purpose. You are adored.  So, so adored. Your feet are made to tread paths never walked before. Paths designed just for you by your Heavenly Father who loves you endlessly and gives you life.

You are so much more than any label. You are not a statistic.  

You are loved. Always. No matter what. Until the end of time.


Kalan Krueger

I am a momma to three minions and a very patient dog. A perpetual over-cooker of every single piece of chicken but can bake a mean banana pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I have lived some of life's darkest moments but choose to write about the light that God always provides. You can find me over at