Dear daughter,

I pray. Every day, I pray for you. My prayers could go on forever.

I pray you will grow up to know and love the One who loves you most. To know His love is very real and only He can provide you with the best possible life you can have.

I pray in a world that can be so full of negativity and darkness, you will always bring positivity and light.

I pray you will be full of honesty, kindness, generosity, and unselfishness.

I pray you will be trustworthy, hardworking, resilient, and responsible.

I pray you will be understanding, loving, caring, and patient.

I pray you will always find strength in the face of adversity and for your ability to always find the best in people and circumstances that surround you.

I pray God will surround you with good people. Friends and family who will support, encourage, and love you unconditionally.

I pray He will send you Godly role models to walk with you each step of the way.

I pray they will be a positive influence and direct you toward God. That they may teach you the things I don’t.

I pray you will grow up to know your own self-worth. That you forever will know your beauty comes from within. That you may influence others to recognize their own self-worth as well.

I pray you will meet a Godly man who will lead you and love you for the rest of your days. Someone to provide you with the life of your dreams.

I pray you will grow up to build a family of your own. That you may have these same prayers for your own daughter one day.

As your mother, I have faced many struggles and trialsI know you will face your own. I pray I will have the wisdom to help you through these times and that God will provide the rest.

I pray God will forever speak to you, guide you, and show you that He will always be there with His everlasting love.

I pray that, as your mother, I will successfully guide you to be the best possible version of you that you can be. The one God created you to be.

I know I am not up to this task without help from God.

I pray I can forever direct you toward the greatest love you will ever know.

Dear daughter, you came as a surprise to us. The greatest gift we could have received to finish our family. Your personality shines so brightly. You have a silly, happy, easy-going personality with a little bit of drama. Every day I watch you play, learn, and grow. And I pray I won’t fail you. I pray all the things I’ve just shared and much more. I pray every day, and I will pray for the rest of my life. I pray I will be more than just your mother, but your friend, companion, teacher, and role model.

I love you so very much, and I am so honored and thankful God chose me to be your mama, dear daughter.

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Megan J

Megan is a newly working mom, juggling through figuring out the whole career-life-plus police wife balance. A mom of two toddlers plus two bonus teenagers, she's always on the move and surrounded by lots of love. Although, this special way of life brings challenges, she has learned the only way to get through it, is to lean on Christ.