Dear son,

You are called to be in the world, but not of it.

And my goodness right now the world seems like a mess.

What’s good is bad and what’s bad is up and what’s up is down and what’s down is right and what’s right is wrong.

And some days it seems that all roads are pointing in the wrong direction.

Satan’s pretty good about messing with our heads like that.

But we do have direction.

We do have something to cling to.

We do have hope.

And so, son, while you are out living in the world and things may feel a little crazy, I want to remind you—

Jesus called you to this.

Jesus said go out into the world.

Jesus said shine your light.

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Fear might say to stay in.

Fear might say the darkness is too strong for you.

Fear might say that you should keep your light hidden.

But know that fear doesn’t know that your strength comes from Him.

But faith knows.

That fear doesn’t know that He is with you and He goes before you and He has prepared you.

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But faith knows.

That fear doesn’t know who has already won the war.

But faith knows.

And man, as your momma, it is hard knowing that I’m sending you into the world.

But I know it’s what you are called to.

Remember where to look for direction when you feel lost.

Remember where to find strength when you are weak.

Remember to overcome your fear with your faith.

And know that I am here, cheering you on, watching you grow, and covering you with as many prayers as I can.

This article originally appeared on My House Full of Boys

Ashley Bufe

Ashley Bufe is a Jesus lovin' wife and momma of 4 energetic boys. She blogs at in hopes that she can uplift and inspire other mommas to let them know that they are special and chosen by God to be momma. And that they are doing a great job! Be sure to find her on Facebook and Instagram.