Dear stay-at-home mom,

I see you. Eyes heavy as you get up with the newborn for another feed.

I see you. Looking over at your husband in bed and wishing you were sleeping so peacefully.

I see you. Feet dragging to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee without waking the house.

I see you. Starting breakfast, serving your family, only to sit down to a cold plate of food for yourself.

I see you. Dressing toddlers, dressing babies, cleaning up little hands and faces.

I see you. Looking for something to occupy them so you can start your mile-long to-do list for the day.

I see you. Restarting the washer because you haven’t been able to switch the clothes out and now they are starting to mildew.

I see you. Sitting on the floor teaching your babies instead of loading the dishwasher.

I see you. Trying to make it to nap time so you can have a minute to yourself.

I see you. Eating a turkey sandwich in the corner where no one can see. Where no one can ask for a bite.

I see you. Finally getting your toddler down, only to have the baby screech and wake him up.

I see you. Unable to shower because you are so needed by everyone.

I see you. Cooking dinner whilst wrangling fighting kids.

I see you. Giving baths, reading stories, changing pajamas.

I see you. Giving goodnight kisses, tucking in babies, and letting out a sigh as you leave the room.

I see you. I see the light in your eyes when they learn something new.

I see the fear when they fall and you kiss a boo-boo.

I see you. You are a hard-working mother just like anyone else. This is a job, and it’s the most important one you will ever have.

I see you. Because, I am you.

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Brooke Halstead

Hello! I'm Brooke! I am a nurse turned stay-at-home mom to a beautiful little girl. I love writing, taking pictures, and cooking! Aside from blogging, I also have a wonderful husband and a fur-baby who is like a second child. My dream is to inspire others to do and be who they want to be!