Dearest Underwriter,

At this point I feel as though we are pen pals. I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. I am compelled to believe our file crossed your desk for a purpose. I can only pray all of my letters to you have made you feel closer to us. I hope our written correspondence has caused you to see our young family as more than just a case number.

Half the battle is finding the perfect home. The other half of the battle is convincing you that, despite the few financial hiccups in our past, we can be trusted with repaying our debt. I pray the words I have written to explain our circumstances have encouraged you to imagine yourself in our shoes.

When I imagine my family in the home we’ve picked out, I wonder if my words have allowed you to envision it the way I see it. Sometimes I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and daydream about reading a story and relaxing on a hammock in the backyard with my toddler. I imagine baking cookies with my daughter when she’s five and dancing to oldies in the kitchen. I’ll even let her lick the batter off of the spoon.

Sometimes, as I begin to drown in the sea of stress associated with buying a house, I need these little imagined moments to keep me afloat. I picture painting the walls with my husband and playfully wiping paint on each other’s clothes. I see our daughter finally having a room of her own and tucking her into bed at night. I envision our little family walking into town or fishing in the river nearby. I see my husband and myself ugly crying as our daughter boards the bus in front of our home for her first day of school. I picture this same little girl all grown up standing at the top of the stairs in a beautiful gown before her prom.

Oh, Underwriter, I hope you see it this way, too. I hope that beyond all of the figures, you can see the humanity, the hopes, and the dreams. My dearest Underwriter, we love you. We love that you have the power to make our dreams come true. We trust that you will make these dreams a reality. Do you trust us, too?


The Family of Three

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