When my children mess up, I want them to come to me.

I remind them it’s always better to tell the truth. To be honest, and upfront, and we will work together.

I know they will mess up. I know they will make mistakes. I want them to know I am there for them. And nothing can change my love for them. Nothing.

I want them to come to me with their good. And come to me with their bad. With their joy. And with their sorrow.

Life can be hard. Let’s work through this. Together. Let me help you. Let me hold you. Let me wipe your tears. Let me give you comfort.

My love is not based on action or inaction. It simply and deeply and truly—is. From when I carried them in my womb to forever, I will love them with all of my being. Nothing can take this love away.

If I feel this way about my children, how much more is it with God?

Still, I don’t always come to Him. Especially not with the bad.

I’m like a toddler hiding in the open during a game of hide-and-go-seek with my hands covering my face and the rest of my body completely exposed. If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me, right? It’s amazing how many times my children have tried to hide from me in plain sight, convinced I can’t see them.

But I could see them. Every time.

Just like God sees me.

He knows. He knows the choices I have made, and He knows the choices I have yet to make.

He has been with me every step of the way. 

When I was in the pit, He was with me. He has never left my side.

He has seen everything I have done, and still, He loves me. The love I have for my children—the unconditional, fierce, strong, undeniable, unshakeable, mama-bear love—is a small fraction of the love He has for me. For all of His children.

No matter what I have done. No matter what you have done. Nothing can take that love away. 

I have done a lot of things I am not proud of. Things I never imagined I would do. It took me a long time to move from shame to freedom. To understand I could be completely forgiven. To understand I could be fully loved. 

Me? Someone who has wandered so far from God. He can still love me? 

Yes. Yes, He can. 

Because He is God. He is our perfect Heavenly Father. 

When my children mess up, I want them to come to me. I want them to know my love is unwavering.

If I feel this way about my children, how much more is it with God? 

“He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand” (Psalm 40:2).

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Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson is a freelance writer, preschool art teacher and mother of four with a heart for Jesus. Her work can be found on a number of blogs and parenting publications. Recently relocated from Indianapolis to Nashville, Tennessee. She is a passionate storyteller and believes every person has an important story to tell. We grow when we share. And even more when we listen.