Our kids were His kids first. 

When they appropriately use their manners and you get a compliment at a restaurant. 

They were His kids first. 

When they stop what they’re doing to give you a kiss. 

They were His kids first. 

When they share toys with friends. 

They were His kids first. 

When they throw the most epic and dramatic tantrum you’ve ever witnessed, leaving you feeling defeated. 

They were His kids first. 

When they show their personality, and you realize they are just so strong-willed

They were His kids first. 

When they say “no” more often than you’d like. 

They were His kids first. 

When the fever isn’t going away, and you’re not sure what to do. 

They were His kids first. 

When there are mental or health struggles with your child, and you feel despair creeping in, worry, anxiety. 

They were His kids first. 

God knows every single thing about them. Every hair on their body, every thought in their mind. They were fearfully, beautifully, and purposefully made, just the way they are. 

He knows what they need. Trust Him with their every need. Ask Him. Turn it over to Him. He knows. And the beautiful thing? He handed them over to you to borrow for a short time. Because He knows that no one on Earth would be a better fit. He knows you better than you know yourself. 

So be a team with God, love your kids together and turn every worry and anxiety over to Him. Just let it go. He’s got this.

Originally published on Messy Footprints

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Kaleigh Christensen

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