Moms love unconditionally. It’s our calling, our honor.

I tell my kids I love them. I show them with considerable squeezes in inopportune moments, or so they say. I am sure my daughter, in particular, doesn’t know why I love her, just that I do.

Dear daughter, there are so many things I love about you.

I love how passionate you are about all things theater.
I laugh that you, my reserved girl, will bust out a joke, to our surprise and delight.
I adore that you have no idea how beautiful you are when you smile.
I am thankful that we are opposite in many ways; we learn from one another.

I admire how you make athletics look effortless, yet couldn’t care less about competition.
I dig how one leg is longer than the other, so it appears you have sass 24/7.
I love it when you leave one single berry so that someone else gets to finish them (sort of).
I bow down to you because you don’t worry.

I am proud to know thinking ahead is a challenge for you, but you’ve set a big goal for the future anyway.
I delight in hearing you sing.
I love that if I want to watch a movie, you are always down to join me.
I am thankful that “drama queen” is seldom in your vocabulary.

I love how black and white you are. There is no gray for you.
I relish the fact that you don’t perform for applause, but for the joy it brings you.
I praise you for your heart always being in the right place.
I love that you were a snuggler in the womb and it hasn’t changed.

I’m thrilled that you’ve “found your peeps”.
I applaud that you live in the present.
I take great pleasure in your quiet confidence.
I commend you for keeping things to yourself.

I love when we hold a car concert, you have no judgment about my singing.
I enjoy that you like to escape into a book, like me.
I’m excited to know you are beginning to discover who you are.

The list grows by the minute, my sweet girl.

With a never-ending love for you,

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Missy Hunter

Missy Hunter goes by many labels; mom, wife, daughter, friend, sassy lady, book lover, an athlete. Missy writes about the sandwich phase of parenting while also taking care of your parents as well as writes about life balance through fitness, personal development and a little bit of career at the blog