The alarm blares loudly at 6:50 A.M.

Summer has come and gone and the new school year is here and ready to begin!

It’s that time of year, when parents start the planning of celebrations! That’s right, we are all about to be celebrating; coughing, snotty noses, sneezing and all the other fun things that go right along with going back to school.

This year, I felt like I did it right; added a pack of Kleenex and personal hand sanitizer to their book-bags–”Here you go kids, this is our present to you! No, please, don’t bring anything home!”

On the other side of back to school, there are some benefits. 

For instance, waking up and enjoying the early morning weather, brewing a cup of coffee, and heading out the door to enjoy my “Carbucks.” Driving a couple of blocks to drop our kids off at school, singing songs on the radio (at the top of my lungs) and rocking out to an air guitar solo at the stop light. It doesn’t take much to get the blood flowing!

Soon it is back to the comforts of home, where I can continue my celebration of coffee intake.

All of our kids are in school this year. For the first year ever we have a Kindergartener, a First Grader, Second Grader, and even a Third Grader. The silence that so loudly pours throughout the house is almost scary. Thankfully, that silence is soon tampered with by our pets and I am brought out of that enjoyment filled daze, where I really begin my day.

My favorite part of the day, however, is the time when the kids are supposed to come home. I am not sure if it is the intense stares that I receive (because I am rocking rainbow hair) or the fact that I am relieved to see that the kids have actually survived yet another school day without anything too crazy happening. Maybe it is a mixture of both.

Back to school may mean that the gift of unwanted germs is soon to be inevitable but the gift of seeing your kids come home and tell you excitedly what they learned that day is definitely worth it!

Then, the alarm blares loudly, again, at 7:30 A.M.

.just five more minutes?

Jennifer O'Brien

I am your average, not so average mom. From tattoos, piercings, crazy hair, and being in a relationship with the woman of my dreams - I am still just like you - I am human and I am a Mother. I have four of the most hyperactive adorable children, ever. My little entrepreneur son who is soon to be 9 and my three Princesses who are soon to follow in the yearly age upgrade, at which point they will be back at the stair-stepping numbers. In my free time (when there is some) I enjoy blogging, checking out latest beauty trends, thinking about weight-loss, and catching up on the latest Netflix populars!