I’m raising my sons to be men.

Men who hold the door open and think before they speak.

Men who don’t only want to make their mama proud but want to make God smile, too.

I’m raising sons who respect themselves and respect others.

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Sons who care more about doing what’s right than what’s easy.

I’m raising sons who talk the same way at home as they do at church.

Sons who see girls as teammates and equals but still say “ladies first.”

I’m raising sons who know how to share and fold clothes and apologize.

Sons who know it’s OK to go last and to cry.

Sons who are strong and courageous.

Sons who know the value of a kind word and a compliment.

Sons who know God is for them, and mama is on their side.

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I’m forever grateful to be their mama.

And for the privilege it’s been to raise sons.

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