Mom, It just flew by. I feel like I just started 5th grade yesterday.

Yes, son, that’s the way it works. And, I know exactly how you feel.

Last Friday, I watched as my oldest said goodbye to 5th grade, elementary school, and another chapter of his childhood.

We walked around his school and he spoke of how quickly the year had passed. With some mist in his eyes, he said goodbye to the school that was his home for the last few years.

I’ve been watching this fleeting childhood of his for a while now. The more wiser mothers who’ve trod ahead of me have warned me about this.

This growing-up too fast, this time-going-too-fast. I’ve tried to treasure and savor these moments, but it’s hard in the day-to-day.

There are games to attend, homework to check, laundry to do, meals to cook. Those things fill up my days.

Somewhere in the midst, I’m supposed to remember to treasure and savor this time. With him, and even with his little brothers.

I’ve watched as he’s become more independent, more mature, and wittier than any tween should be. 

And now, he’s realizing how fast it goes. How quickly a baby brother grows into a playmate.

Mom, I remember when he was a baby. 

Me too, kid. Me too.

isaiah and nathan

Part of my heart breaks for his childhood, the one he’s begun to recognize is mostly behind him now.

In the goodbye to elementary schools and the teacher’s he’s so loved and the carefree world of an unscheduled existence. 

But, the other part of my heart, the one that’s not breaking over this growing child, is really excited for him. 

Gone are the carefree days of childhood, but in their place are moments that I can’t wait for him to experience.

His first dance. His first crush. Driving. Graduation. College. Love.

All of it. It’s all still ahead of him waiting to experience.

So much life. His life.

And as much as I want that little boy forever, I’m excited to get to experience all that the next few years will bring him. 

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