You’re no longer the exhausted mom of a newborn. Your hair and makeup are done and you’ve eased back into wearing pants other than leggings (even if leggings are life). You don’t think anyone knows because on the outside you’ve got it together. But I know those hidden things. I know the insecurities that creep up on you when the sun goes down. I know the worries that crease your forehead and hound you with lies. You don’t believe you’re kind enough. You don’t believe you’re supportive enough. You don’t believe you’re earning enough. You don’t believe you’re doing enough. You don’t believe you’re parenting well enough. You don’t believe that you are, simply, enough and the guilt is eating you alive.

There’s this secret I tell people when they question if they are doing enough: Only the best mothers wonder and worry if they are doing enough by their children. Only the most coveted friend believes she can always do more for those around her. Only the kindest soul dwells on the moments that may have accidentally hurt feelings. And only the most sympathetic people believe they aren’t supportive when they don’t always have the words.

So I see you. I see your kind heart every time you ask how someone’s day is going and listen for a true response. I see your support when you worry aloud how best to show someone you’re there to help mend their broken heart. I see how hard you work to supplement the household income while never letting the ball drop, raising your child and cleaning your home. I see how much you are doing to expand your child’s vocabulary, how much you focused on teaching ABCs and 123s, and how determined you are to plan out a good future for your family. I see how wonderfully you outbalance the hard days with the fun days.

Try to remind yourself that your child sees you, too. And they see all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing things I see. Extend yourself some grace, and choose to believe the truth in the mirrors of those that see you best. We see you, and you are more than enough.

Katie Parton

Katie is a bookish mama from the States striving to raise her baby bookworm into a thriving butterfly along with the help of her handsome husband. In her free time, she reads and reviews books over at her blog at