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For this child I have prayed.

I prayed for you before you were conceived. 

I prayed with a grateful heart as you grew.

I prayed for every feature of you as you grew inside of me. 

I prayed for your salvation before you took your first breath. 

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When you arrived, I prayed for the ability to take care of you, to love you like you deserved to be loved, and to guide you.

As you grew, I prayed for each milestone you would mark.

When you were old enough to start school, I prayed for you to love it. I prayed for the friends you would make, the teachers you would have, and the choices you would have to make.

Each year leads to a new challenge, I prayed for the wisdom to guide you through it.

With every celebration, I prayed for your success and happiness.

With your losses, I prayed to be able to comfort you and help your heart heal while mine was breaking with your sadness. I prayed through tears to dry mine so yours could flow freely.

Changing is ever constantin who you are, who you think you are, who you are becoming. I pray for you in each of these steps. I pray for my ability to support you as you find your own way. I pray for others to come along beside you to help guide you in your choices.

As you grow older, I pray for your safety as you get behind the wheel. I’ll pray for you to make the right choices at late-night parties. I’ll pray for you to know who you are enough to not be afraid to walk away from any situation that isn’t safe for you.

I have prayed since you were little for your future.

I pray for your health. I pray for the career you choose to pursue. I pray for the spouse and family you may choose to have.

I pray you’ll know you can always call . . . ALWAYS.

As you make your way into the world with all of the things that will be thrown at you, I pray you will overcome them with grace and humility.

I pray that you always remember who you are.

I pray that kindness never leaves your soul and that this world doesn’t leave you hardened to the needs of others.

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I pray that when you feel lost, you remember Jesus is there to guide you through all your highs and lows.

I pray there is never a doubt in your heart that you were one of my life’s greatest gifts. 

I pray you always know the love I have for you is bigger than anything you could ever do wrong.

I pray you always feel my prayers even after I’m gone.

I pray you know that until my last breath, I’ll be praying for you. Because for you sweet child, I have prayed.

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