Find yourself a friend who will go to Costco with you on a Tuesday morning because errands and food samples are better together.

Find yourself a friend who FaceTimes and texts even when she moves away.

Find yourself a friend who will spend a day at the beach with you even though it means chaos and sand and poopy swim diapers and 700 meltdowns.

Find yourself a friend who’s in it for the long haul.

Find yourself a friend who thinks sitting on the living room floor with $1 Diet Cokes from McDonald’s is a good time.

Find yourself a friend who will laugh with you and at you too, because we all need to not take life too seriously.

Find yourself a friend who can hold a conversation between crying, spilled drinks, sticky hands, and potty training accidents.

Find yourself a friend who you can trust with your most sacred secrets and hardest struggles and who is a safe place for an ugly cry.

Find yourself a friend who cheers for you with her whole heart.

Find yourself a friend you don’t ever have to impress (not even by putting on a bra when she stops by).

Find yourself a friend who will do life with you. Even when life means playgrounds and Target trips and kid’s meals and tantrums.

Find yourself that friend, and be that friend too.

Originally published on Sister, I am with you.

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Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston is a writer and mom of four kids. She is an avid coffee drinker, risk taker, and TMI sharer. She is a firm believer in keeping it real and believes our imperfections bring us together. She writes at You can follow her there, on Facebook, and on Instagram.