Today I did a thing . . . 

I read my Bible in front of my kids.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, So what? What’s the big deal? So many people do this. You should have always been doing this.

And you’re right. But, I never really did this until today. Sure, they see me read my Bible on Sundays during church. Still for some reason, I had myself convinced that I had to have the perfect, peaceful setting to open God’s Word at home. Quiet time. Uninterrupted, alone time. Which any mom knows rarely actually happens.

But today, in the middle of a crazy morning, I needed God’s Word. I couldn’t put Him off any longer. I couldn’t wait for the perfect time.

So, I grabbed my Bible and opened it up to where I had left off in Luke and started reading.

And you know what happened?

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

That’s what happened.

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My curious toddler’s eyes took it in. His thoughtful little mind asked questions. His sweet little ears listened as I read passages out loud. His eager little heart got excited as we talked and talked and talked about Jesus.

And then, we prayed. It was perfect.

Why had I been hiding such an important aspect of my life from my kids? Why was I keeping this from them like some sort of secret? I was definitely not doing it intentionally. I guess I just thought that the whole thing would be a pointless disaster full of distractions and messes.

Lots and lots of messes.

As moms, we fool ourselves into thinking we don’t have time or we shouldn’t take time away from our kids to do things for ourselves.

But there’s always time for the important things.

And think about the example being set for our children every time we open that book in front of them. Think about the conversations that could be had every day as you grow together through God’s Word. Think about the day your child just needs to unwind so instead of running to a screen, they reach for their Bible. What a gift we can give them by letting them into this special time with God.

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Sure, the peaceful, alone time with our Father is nice when we can get it. But remember, God will always meet us where we are. In the middle of a crazy morning or in the quiet of our bedroom at night.

Every second we spend with Him in our Bible is so, so worth it. And as it turns out, any moment is the perfect moment for God and His always living and active Word.

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Lindsay Meier

I am a farm wife, boy mom, and public preschool teacher in central Nebraska. I enjoy quiet walks with Jesus, date nights in the tractor with my husband, and playing in the dirt with my two sons.