If there’s anything motherhood has taught me, it’s that there’s nothing stronger than the sticky grip of a determined toddler. Sometimes though, I think I might be the faith version of the obstinate two-year-old. I grip tightly and selfishly to the gifts God’s lavished on me and I miss the big picture. I cling to the control and then I complain about the stress and difficulty of being the one in charge. Here’s my prayer today.

Help me to hold them lightly, Lord, these blessings you’ve given me: my home, our vehicles, our jobs, the fashion and the food. Remind me that they are gifts from you to enjoy but that true joy is found in You alone. Let me offer them open-handed to others in need and welcome them in to my home, my table and my life.

Help me to hold them lightly, Lord, these roles I wear each day: wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, friend. Each purpose may change, disappear or grow but my worth remains secure in my identity as your daughter throughout the seasons of life. Give me passion and energy, patience and persistence for the task of this day and let me find my reward in you.

Help me to hold it lightly, Lord, this body you’ve given me. Let me marvel at the abilities it houses, strength to bike with my children and to hike mountains, vision to take in sunsets and feel emotions deeply. Help me to nourish my frame without guilt, to celebrate it at this size today and to see the unique beauty this shell reflects as I experience aging, motherhood and challenges. 

Help me to hold it lightly, Lord, this marriage you’ve given me. Let me honor and love this man who stands next to me and let me never forget to laugh, to flirt and to have fun, through the responsibilities we share. Help me to let go of the petty problems and the control and to see the big picture. Thank you for his steady calm love that carries us all.

Help me to hold them lightly, Lord, these children of my heart. Let me hug them 17 times and read it one more time and listen to their stories. Let me put down my phone as we explore and learn and laugh. Let them grow to know You and love You too, the only one who could love them more than I do as they develop and shine in Your perfect purpose for each of their lives.

Help me to hold it lightly, Lord, this life you’ve given me. Let it be a song of joy to you in the mistakes and the mayhem, in the growing and the loving. Help me to hold it lightly, Lord, because You are holding me and I can rest in You.

Abbie Ginther

Abbie’s a child of God saved by His grace. She’s also a wife, mama and a retired (freedom 35?) high school French and English teacher. In this season at home with her two littles, she’s blogging about faith, fails and mom life from Saskatoon, Canada. She tries to find the humor amid the Huggies and wisdom in the whining, but so far hasn’t developed any love for the laundry. Join in the fun and discover an honest and encouraging community of mamas at her blog http://www.grumblinggrace.com/ and on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/abbiegintherblog