Written by Jennifer Sill

Each week I attempt a project I find on Pinterest. (You can follow Her View From Home and/or Jennifer Sill for previews of my Pinspirations)  They don’t always turn out. Mostly they are “Sanity Savers” (or something to do) with my one-year-old and three-year-old. Okay, mostly my three year old. This week, it is something SUPER simple for my baby. (And it worked wonders for the three year old).


Pipe Cleaners
Clear Empty Bottle (You may want one for each kid)
A magnet (for each kid)



Cut Pipe cleaners into little bits.
Sanitize your bottle (I used a splash of bleach water.)
Put little bits into a bottle.
Glue lid on!!
(You can give the magnet and bits to kids old enough not to eat them. Works awesome. My daughter was making magnet people and towers.)
Give magnet and bottle of bits to toddler.


Voila!! You don’t need toys with noise to capture their attention for more than 30 seconds!! This works. (Plus it uses up the dozens of apple juice containers that I have in my recycling bin!)


Mine is not ‘pretty’. I used recycled bottles (we go through a lot of apple juice). But you can likely get some better looking bottles at a thrift or dollar store. I’d just suggest using plastic.

Here’s our fun:


Here are some other ideas:

Corn and Cars (Shake the bottle to find the car)

Oil and colored water

Sand and ‘treasures’

Glitter and oil in water
I’d love to see your Pinspiration!! Whether you try out one of my projects (found at this link) or your own, e-mail me some pics, directions and the link (if you have one). I’d love to feature YOUR view at home!! jennie@herviewfromhome.com



Here’s my “Pinspiration” and some other fun toddler exploration bottles:


 PreSchool Discovery Play

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