We hear it all the time: “God has the perfect man picked out for you. And when you find him you will just know.”  I agree with this statement and I find myself saying it to many women as well. But, because God has our life planned out and He knows whom we are going to marry, women can get so wrapped up in that truth that they are afraid they are going to pick the wrong person. Doubt can fill your mind when you start finding interest in a man that you could potentially marry. You ask, “Is this God’s will for me? Is this the man I will spend the rest of my life with? What if there is another man out there?”

Stop worrying. I know that choosing a husband is a huge deal, but there are two truths that will make saying yes to the man of your dreams so much easier!

  1. God is sovereign. God knows your life and He has planned every detail for you. He knows who you will marry, how many kids you will have, where you will live, and the struggles that you will go through. It is not our goal in life to uncover his master plans. It is our goal to offer our body as a living sacrifice and to be transformed in the renewing of our minds so that we may know the will of God. (Romans 12:1-2) When we do this, He will line up the details of our lives using the desires He placed in our hearts. Through Him and reading His word, we will desire the kind of man that He wants us to marry.
  2. God gives us freedom. Even though God is sovereign over our lives and He is all-knowing, He does not control us like puppets. Everyday, we are faced with tons of decisions to make. We have the free will to make wise decisions or unwise decisions. So therefore, it is completely up to us to decide whom we will marry. It is not a matter of a right or wrong decision. If you are seeking God and you know what scripture says about the kind of man you should marry, then you can make a wise decision. And just so you know, there is more than one man out there that qualifies as a Godly man. So now you are probably thinking, “Wait, if there are many Godly men and God is giving me the freedom to choose, how do I know if he is the one?” It is simply up to you. And that is where I go back to ‘when you know, you just know.’ I can’t even describe it, but you just have such a Godly peace when you truly know what kind of man you are looking for in a husband.

By God’s amazing grace and love for us, He leads us to our husbands. It looks differently for everyone but I am in love with every love story that I hear. I love to know how God brings two people together and unites them in marriage so that they may serve Him together as one.



Megan Brauer

Hi! I'm Megan Brauer, a young wife and soon-to-be teacher. I'm on a journey to change the world. That's just the kind of person I am, driven and passionate. I thrive on becoming better. My goals and ambition always have me trying new things, like eating clean and doing yoga, or starting a blog https://theteachersprayer.wordpress.com/ I love many things, but most of all, I have a heart for children.