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I don’t decorate for Christmas. I’m not a total Grinch or Scrooge, but honestly, as a big family mom and someone who doesn’t have the decorating knack, the logic outweighs the benefits. I put up my eazy treezy in five minutes, hang a wreath on my door, put a blow-up snowman for my oldest in the yard (it was a gift)—and that’s it. Done.

But there’s more to why I don’t decorate. A secret I’ve been holding inside. Someone in the family has that decorating knack, and I can enjoy it without the work every year. It’s my mother-in-love . . . she is a whole different, wonderful story. She has the knack.

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In fact, it’s so big of a knack that the whole entire town and surrounding areas drive through her ranch every year over and over again. You can see her lights from over a mile away. It’s like entering Silver Dollar City and the Nutcracker all in one. Our family spends multiple nights driving through to enjoy her hard work.

All that to say, there’s nothing wrong if you aren’t a decorating genius or the crafty lady next door. It’s okay if you don’t win first place in the HOA. We all have seasons, we all have gifts, and part of the wonder of Christmas is being thankful that the Lord was born so we could have life. He came so that we may live.

Not only that, but He gave each of us so many gifts to enjoy with talents from others. It’s okay to enjoy someone else’s gift of decorating this Christmas. It’s okay to give compliments. Spread Christmas cheer by saying an encouraging word to those whose gifts shine. It doesn’t make you any less of a good mom.

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We bake cookies with our kids, do a movie night with every Christmas nostalgic traditional film we can think of, and play Christmas music all the time. That’s it—and when Christmas is done, I take 20 minutes to put everything away and vacuum. It’s a stress-free Christmas—and I’m thankful. It is what works in my current season.

Last Christmas was rough for my family. We almost lost our daughter, Esther. I spent the holiday season with beeps and wires and tubes. It brought out what really, truly mattered with the meaning of Christmas. I was thankful for the Savior of the world being born, and I was thankful that someone else had the gift of decorating to spread joy and light in those dark places.

So thanks to all you decorators—we love you.

Not a Decorating Mom

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