I’m that mother . . . 

I’m that mother who doesn’t really fit in.

I don’t have many friends.

I’m that mother wh0 never asks for help.

I do everything myself.

I’m that mother who doesn’t let myself take a break.

I feel too guilty when I try.

I’m that mother who’s so dang tired.

I can’t remember the last time I slept.

I’m that mother who also stays up way too late.

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I just want a few minutes of quiet. 

I’m that mother who looks like I have it all together.

I try really hard to keep it from falling apart. 

I’m that mother who smiles all the time.

I hide my anxiety and depression.

I’m that mother who feels like I fail daily. 

I don’t want to fail my family and children. 

I’m that mother who feels so lonely.

I am never really alone though.

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I’m that mother who’s jealous of you.

I think you are doing a better job than me.

I’m the mother who shows up for everyone.

I wonder if they see me.

I’m that mother who tells you no a lot.

I want you to know there’s probably a good reason. 

I’m that mother who feels like she never does enough.

I don’t ever sit or slow down. 

I’m that mother who makes sure everyone has what they need.

I haven’t bought myself anything in so long. 

I’m that mother who probably yells too much.

I don’t think they hear me otherwise. 

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I’m that mother who asks you so many questions.

I just want you to know I care. 

I’m that mother people call mean.

I promise I’m just watching out for you. 

I’m the mother who loves my children more than life.

I know that’s why I gave up mine. 

I’m that mother who sacrifices me.

I want to put them first. 

I’m that mother who prays for you every day.

I want God to pick up what I can’t for you my child. 

I’m that mother, but I love you. 

I hope at least I’m a good mother.

Megan Hardwick

Megan Hardwick is a wife, mother of two, and full-time entrepreneur/marketer.