To the late-night mama . . . the one who is still rocking her wide-eyed baby while fighting to stay awake herself.

The one whose kids fell asleep at 8 p.m. and while she is exhausted and knows she should get some rest, can’t seem to escape the contentment of a noiseless house.

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The one who has been staring at her phone scrolling through the endless tunnel of social media, wondering when her life will start to look as perfect as her high school acquaintances’ seem to be.

The one who is worried about the state of her marriage and her friendships and her mental health.

The one who is staring at the ceiling next to her sleeping partner, wondering if the romance will ever be the same as it was before they had kids.

The one lying on her side on the half-inch that’s left on the mattress next to a sprawled-out toddler who finally fell back asleep after being scared by the 2 a.m. thunderstorm.

The one who has been up feeding her baby for more time than she spent sleeping, looking out the window knowing the sun will come up soon—wondering how she will have enough energy to get through the upcoming day.

The one who is scrubbing her floors at 11 p.m. because she needs to feel like she accomplished SOMETHING in her day.

The one who just realized she fell asleep for an hour while lying next to her elementary school-aged child who had a hard day with friends . . . and now can’t stop worrying about whether she’s capable of parenting her through this next phase of life.

The one who simply can’t sleep because she’s worried about tomorrow and all of the days after in this uncertain world.

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The one who wonders if she will ever be able to do it all.

You. Are not. Alone.

All of the thoughts and fears and joys and struggles and dreams and frustrations and anxiety and questions running through your mind . . . are all lifted into a night sky where dozens of other moms are lifting theirs, too.

And while it doesn’t make all of the worries disappear—I hope you find comfort knowing you are not alone. We are all in this together.

A version of this article originally appeared on The Thinking Branch

Brea Schmidt

Brea Schmidt is a writer, speaker and photographer who aims to generate authentic conversation about motherhood and daily life on her blog, The Thinking Branch. Through her work, she aims to empower people to overcome their fears and insecurities and live their truth. She and her husband raise their three children in Pittsburgh, PA.