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I see you.

You’re the one smiling for everyone when on the inside you’re crying.

You’re the one pretending you have 100 friends when you’re lonely.

You’re the one laughing and carrying on even though you’re hurting.

I see you. You’re the one helping others when you’re struggling.

You’re the one giving advice when you need some.

You’re the one loving others’ kids while you’re desperately trying for your own.

I see you.

You’re the one bending over backward for others when you’ve been hurt before.

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You’re the one loving him even though you’ve been hurt so many times.

You’re the one going on date after date even though you just want a real relationship.

You’re the one who doesn’t want to be intimate with someone because someone hurt you.

I see you.

You’re the mom who’s too easy on your children because your parents weren’t even close to easy on you.

You’re the friend who reaches out to everyone first and fears if you stop, you’ll have no friends.

You’re the one who smiles but worries that no one likes you.

You’re the one telling everyone it’ll be okay when inside you don’t feel okay.

You’re the person in a crowded room who feels like everyone’s talking about you.

You’re the friend who goes the extra mile too much because you have been discarded.

I see you.

You’re the spouse who genuinely loves their spouse but deep down you worry when they’ll stop loving you.

You’re the spouse who does everything because you’ve been conditioned that way.

You’re the spouse who jumps when the other raises their voice because someone else wasn’t nice.

I see you.

You’re the Christian sitting in church, worried that if everyone knew the real you, they’d judge you.

You’re the Christian who feels like you’re not “Christian” enough. Everyone is better than you.

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You’re the Christian who thinks every other Christian is a better example.

You’re the one who pretends your whole life is perfect when you really feel like it’s falling apart.

Whatever your struggle. Whatever you’ve been through. You are not alone.

I hope this has made you feel connected and helped you understand there is someone else going through the same thing. There’s someone else with the same struggles. There’s someone else with the same heartache.

Next time someone seems a little irritated or short, try to stop and think about what could be hiding behind their eyes. 

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page

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Kersten Cook

My name is Kersten. My husband and I live in small-town Nebraska. We have three beautiful girls together. Midna is 11, Bell is 8 and my bonus daughter Emberlin is 7. We also have three dachshunds. I started writing my Facebook blog and have been touched by the people I've touched. My goal is just to help other mamas not feel alone. 

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