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“Wow! Your family is so beautiful!”

“Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!”

“The happiest family I’ve ever met!” 

These are the typical comments we get any time we share family photos. But do they really see the family underneath the filter and well-captured smiles? Do they see the story?

I’m Diana, and I’m a professional family photographer turned “mom-tog.”

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We spend an endless amount of time shopping for color-coordinated outfits for a family of five, choosing the perfect setting, following the weather report to plan for the best golden hour, and hoping for all good attitudes the day of shooting.

Set up the tripod, position, shoot.

Wrestle with the lighting, remind everyone to smile this time, position, shoot. 

Someone blinked. Take four. And on. 

To some, this is a daunting and overwhelming task. Why even bother?

To me, it’s a reminder. 

A reminder of where we’ve been as a family. A reminder of all we’ve gone through. And a reminder that we’re still holding on together. 

The saying goes, “A picture can say a thousand words.” If that’s the case, then a family picture could speak volumes

To some, they only see a fake filter.

To others, they see a picture-perfected family.

But did they see the story? 

Did they see the four hospital stays that year? The depression and marriage trials? Did they see the financial blows and grief from losses? Did they see the testing of faith and endurance? 

Each photo represents a reminder of a perfectly imperfect family. 

Still standing. Still growing. Still enduring. Stronger than the seasons and years before. 

To me, that makes it all worth it. Filters and all. 

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For just a few moments to feel at ease together and remember our strengths. To bring out the vibrant colors and highlight our smiles. 

Still smiling through it all.

That’s worth it.

Behind every filter, there’s a family.

And behind every family photo, there’s a story.

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