What are your first memories after giving birth? The hours and days after can often be a huge blur of moments crammed together that are hard to remember.

Once I could get up on my own, I remember after my first baby and very first c-section, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror. I stood there in a nursing bra, mesh undies, and a huge maxi pad. I just stood looking at my body that was just cut open less than 24 hours earlier and I was slightly disgusted. Thoughts like: “wow! How will I get my body back after this?!” Ran like crazy in my head.

Bachelorette Jillian Harris recently shared a beautiful postpartum photo of her new family. She welcomed her first son Leo on August 5. The photo captures Harris’s significant other beaming and holding their child. While Jillian is gazing at the two with mesh panties on display. It’s a stunning first shot of the family.

I looked at her picture as I scrolled through my Facebook feed and the first feeling I had: a little bit of jealousy. Why didn’t I enjoy those early moments? And then I scolded myself again. Don’t feel jealousy. It is what it is. You have learned from it and now so will other mamas.

Love your post baby bodies ladies and know these things:

-You will probably never look the same again. You just housed a sweet baby so there are sure to be some changes. Even if you drop all the baby weight, your body is forever changed.

-Your body probably won’t function the same. Once you start having babies, the way our body works changes. Your belly may never be completely flat, making workouts interesting and you may pee anytime you do anything.

-Your body will do amazing things you never even dreamed of. You will get strong arms from holding your baby for long periods of time. Your core will gain strength from all the bending up and down. You will realize just how fast you can sprint after a toddler who is about to fall off the couch. You are strong and capable of so much.

-Beauty is where YOU find it. You will look at your child every single day and be amazed that you created him/her. They are beautiful. But also, so are you. Embrace new found lines and gray hairs. That baby needs to see a mama who loves herself so much that she has so much love overflowing just for that baby.

So, to you expecting mamas, when you see Jillian Harris’s photo, I hope it makes you think. Think about how you will spend your hours after giving birth. Spend it with your new family. Don’t spend it in front of a mirror beating yourself up.

Read Jillian Harris’s amazing birth story here:

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